Richard Morse is one of California’s most accomplished personal injury lawyers. Morse Injury Law was founded so that Richard could bring more of his skill and knowledge to personal injury victims in all types of cases. Richard and his team have dealt with: motorcycle accidents, Car Accidents, Wrongful Death, and many other types of personal injury cases with great success.

About Richard

At Morse Injury Law, every case is handled personally by Attorney Richard Morse from start to finish. Get your case the personalized attention it deserves, call 619-684-3092 today to have attorney Richard Morse personally review your case for FREE.

Richard has been representing Plaintiffs against insurance companies his entire career and specializes in litigating a variety of personal injury cases including automobile collisions, slip-and-falls, and sexual assault cases.

Richard was trained by a former insurance defense attorney so he has intimate knowledge of how insurance companies evaluate claims, and uses that knowledge against them the ensure his clients get the maximum compensation. Richard became passionate about representing plaintiffs after experiencing first-hand the tricks and tactics insurance companies and defense attorneys use to avoid paying the fair value of claims. He now works tirelessly on behalf of his clients to ensure they get what they deserve.

What Sets Us Apart?

One of the main reasons for our success is the fact that we are not afraid to take your injury case to trial. Many personal lawyers will aim for quick and easy settlements, which usually results in much lower settlements. In some cases, going to trial can result in a larger payment from the at-fault party, which can obviously be beneficial for our clients. We’re willing to go the mile for you.

Our San Diego law firm offers a free consultation to discuss your accident with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Call Morse Injury Law at (619) 684-3092 to arrange an appointment.

Home and hospital visits are available if you are not able to travel. Our attorney can meet with you at a convenient location to discuss your personal injury claim and help you determine the best course of action.

A Brief History of Richard Morse

Richard moved to San Diego after attending the University of Vermont, and graduated at the top of his class from California Western School of Law. Richard is an avid outdoorsman, and outside of work his passions include surfing, snowboarding, and hiking with his dog, Pita.

San Diego personal injury lawyer Richard Morse provides exceptional representation to anyone that has been injured in an accident. Richard offers a free consultation and can be reached 24/7 at (619) 684-3092.

Results From Prior Cases

Richard Morse has recovered millions for his clients,
and is available for a FREE evaluation of your case
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A History of Success

Richard Morse has been awarded the Injury Lawyer of the Year award by the San Diego Law Journal 2020. It is an honor to receive such an award, and Morse Injury Law has been doing their very best to live up to their clients’ expectations of them.

Do I need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

You need to hire a personal injury attorney if you share fault for your own accident and injuries. In California, fault isn’t necessarily a bar to recovery. You can still recover compensation as long as someone else is also to blame. However, the amount of money you can recover will be limited. Responsibility will be divided and shared between anyone who contributed to the accident. Your recovery will be reduced by your own percentage of fault.

Others will try to shift blame to you to protect themselves. It can be devastating if they are successful and you considered to be solely responsible for the accident. This will prohibit you from recovering any compensation from another party or their insurer. Hiring an attorney helps to protect you and maximize your award. Your attorney will carefully review the details and evidence of your case to find any indicator that others share fault. Your attorney will attempt to recover compensation from anyone who played a part in causing your injury.